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10 ways to boost your happiness without using your phone


  1. Sleep well, sleep more – Your brain needs enough rest to function well the next day. Leaving your phone on loud during the night, checking your text messages, won’t let your brain get enough rest. Put the phone down, turn the lights off, and embrace the quiet. Relax and have a good night sleep. You deserve it!
  2. Start moving! – Exercise. Get up from the couch, turn the TV off, put your phone down and get it going. No excuses! You will see how much better you feel after. Check out this website (100 no-equipment workouts) and find the perfect exercisefor you.
  3. Family and friends! – Spend more time with your family and friends – put down your phones and have some quality time with your loved ones. Talk about each other’s days, tell stories, and reconnect! Look them in the eyes when they talk to you and show you genuinely care about them! They will appreciate it, you will see.
  4. Air! – Go outside and get some fresh air. You live in a crowded city? Go down to the park. Just leave your house, get outside, and be happy you are alive. Isn’t it a nice day? Did you notice that beautiful old tree in the park before  –  or you were too busy looking down at your phone?
  5. Help others, help you! – Be nice, kind, and help others out. Look up from your phone screen and notice the little child who just fell with his bike! You will see that your positive energy will change the world around you and you will receive positive energy from others as well. You have the power to create a positive environment around you!
  6. Smile! – Don’t be afraid to show off your beautiful smile. A friendly look and a positive attitude makes others feel comfortable.   Smiles are contagious, make someone’s day better by smiling at them!
  7. Happy thoughts! – Are you feeling down? Think about your favorite book, movie, or place. Think about the good times you had with your family and friends and the future great memories you are going to create.
  8. Focus, relax, and meditate! – Put your phone away, close your eyes, shut down the rest of the world and concentrate. See yourself being happy, well-rested, energetic, and free.
  9. Get creative! – Find other things to do during your afternoon, instead of being on your phone all the time! Cook something that you have never cooked before, bake your favorite cookies, or get a new hobby.  How about learning some knitting techniques and make a warm scarf? There is so much more out there than you think, open up to the world so the world can open up to you!
  10. Create a plan! – Grab a piece of paper and write down your goals and how can you achieve them! Get off Facebook and stop drooling over other people’s lives. Take action and create your own success story! Have fun planning!